Providing the best service to our clients
at the best value for our client's money

Solution Delivery

We have an extensive list of high-caliber resources including: Program & Project Managers, ITIL Experts, Process Engineers, SOA Architects, developers, security experts, & Infrastructure experts.

Contract Resourcing

We have built up quite a list of highly qualified sub-contract resources that we have established a strong working relationship with through years of professional services practice management.

Referral Services

We take the time to understand your requirements, your culture and the unique team dynamics. Armed with this information, we search our contacts and find the candidates that best fit your unique requirements

Managed Services

Our IT Managed Services program is built from the ground up in order to address the specific needs of businesses and organizations. We will discuss with you the characteristics of your business, your computer systems, and your personnel.

Why you should hire us...

Unlike our competitors, we do not have to mark up our resources to cover administration or facilities costs in our pricing. This allows us to both be competitive and retain the best of the best technical and consultative resources in the business.

Many times, our resources are being sub-contracted to other system integrators as pre and post sales architects.